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Are you thinking about using wild animals in an audiovisual production, an add, series or film? The first thing you should ask yourself is, if the appearance of a wild animal is really indispensable. Maybe, with a twist in the script, you can avoid it without compromising on the fun, entertainment or impact of your production.

Should it be indispensable for the message you want to transmit, we gladly give you advice on how to avoid unnecessary animal cruelty and suffering. Here are some proposals that might help you:

  • Wild Animals in 3D
  • Wild Animals in Animatronics
  • Using archive images of wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Certificate FAADA
    If you are thinking of using a wild animal in captivity in your audiovisual production, call (+34 902 222 341 - +34 93 463 96 70 (ext.2)). Whenever the message you want to convey is in favor of animals, our specialists can advise you on how to avoid causing them any harm.

Let's minimize all potential harm to animals: they should not suffer.

We are happy to certify your series, commercial or films, if we find that you have followed our advice. Contact Us.

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