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Tima is moonlighting in events and audiovisual productions.

Tima, also known as Yogi or “The Human Bear", is Pavel Vyakin’s main animal. This trainer provides wild animals for events and audiovisual productions. Tima is moonlighting and deprived of her freedom in all of the following: Circo Mundial, Circ Nadal, Cirque Tonelly, Circo Roma Dola, soccer events, fashion shows and on the set of different movies and advertisements, such as: “Iniesta y el oso” by Gol TV, “Aguila Roja” television series and “The Last Days” movie. In January 2014, Tima was forced to perform a humiliating show in the Alameda Mall of Granada that, besides violating local legislation, caused outrage in many people. Tima has a lot of different jobs, but not because she is an ambitious kind of girl.



Working with Noa is easier now because she was declawed

Noa's story begins with the specific pairing of her parents in order to get an animal to train and use in audiovisual productions. Noa is the tigress protagonist of ads such as “El pelo para quien lo quiera” by No + Vello, “Billetes que hacen soñar” by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, Relaxx Prosilence by Bosch and has also made her appearance on TV shows such as “El Hormiguero”. As her very same owners from “Fauna y Acción” indicate, Noa was declawed (the last phalanx of her toes were removed) in order to take her claws out and make it easier- and less dangerous- to work with her. As you can imagine, nobody ever asked Noa’s parents if they wanted their baby to audition for all these roles.



Tiby has learned how to dance, serve drinks and play cards.

Tiby is a 24 year old hybrid between a common chimpanzee and a bonobo who currently lives in France. She was specifically bred to be used in the entertainment industry. She had to learn how to dance, serve drinks, play cards. She currently works at Kino's, the last French circus that uses great apes, besides being the most used chimpanzee in audiovisual productions shot in Spain. The primate is sublet by companies other than her French owners to perform in productions in Spain, Italy or Germany. She appears, among others, in the ad for Campofrio by McCann Erickson, in the movie “Grace of Monaco” with Nicole Kidman and in the viral campaign “Vota Mono” by BTOB.
An investigation by a French NGO found that Désiré Rech's, the owner of Tiby and other bonobos, kept her animals in dark trailers with male animals isolated from other primates.
This is the price for a career that Tiby never chose for herself.



Dumba belongs to a circus and is trained with electric shocks.

Dumba is a 35 year old Asian elephant that was captured from the wild. Nowadays, she belongs to the Kludsky Circus that uses her in circus events, audiovisual productions and even sublets her to companies such as Fauna y Acción y Zooko Producciones. Wildlife experts have indicated that Dumba looks smaller and thinner than elephants her age who are in good health.
Although elephants are highly social animals that live in herds traveling up to 50 kilometers every day, when Dumba is not working, she lives in her owners’ garden where she spends her days completely alone and deprived of any stimulus.
Would you let your boss give you electric shocks? For many elephants like Dumba that’s a common and cruel “training” method.

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