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What can you do - Individuals

If you are a professional in the audiovisual industry click here.

If you are an individual concerned about the welfare of wild animals used in film, TV, advertising, and other productions, here are some ideas of what you can do to promote an audiovisual industry that is more respectful with them:


  • Information yourself about the topic in our Why - section.
  • Follow us on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Sread our campaign among your acquaintances, and especially among those working in the audiovisual industry, or write letters to the editor about the topic.

If you see a movie, commercial or TV program where a wild animals are used:

  • Tell us about it! we will write to the producer and / or advertising company in charge asking them to change their behavior and follow up on the case.
  • You yourself can also write to the brand, the advertising agency or the producer in charge of the audiovisual production or film directors and critics, showing your rejection

Spread our campaign amongst your friends, and especially among those working in the audiovisual industry.

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