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What can you do - Professionals in the Audiovisual Industry

Are you a cinematographer, photographer, creative, actor, producer, technician, practice any other profession or work freelance in the audiovisual industry and believe that animals should be respected? Whether or not you have used wild animals in the past you can commit on a private and professional level to promote an industry that shows more respect for them:

  • Commit to stop using wild animals in your work in any way that can cause them harm by signing our Pledge.For questions regarding the pledge, please check theFAQs
  • Follow us on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Spread this initiative in your social networks and especially among your acquaintances in this sector, or place a banner.
  • If you have witnessed the abuse of an animal in a production you have participated in or want us to investigate a case you are aware of, tell us about it! We will follow up and report the case, if necessary.
  • For more information on the topic, visit our Why - section.

Pledge - Professional in the Audiovisual Industry

I pledge to:

  • Practice my profession in the audiovisual industry treating animals in the most ethical and respectful.
  • Not take part in any advertising or audiovisual production using wild animals.
  • Raise awareness on this cause within my possibilities.
  • Seek the advice of FAADA in case of any doubt about possible negative effects on the animals used in a production.

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