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At FAADA foundation we have created the Wild Advertising Awards to raise awareness amongst creators, producers, advertisers and other professionals of the implications behind the use of wild animals in advertising. Sedation, hair loss, fang and claw mutilation and depression are just a few of the consequences that captive wild animals may undergo for their use in shooting sessions. For a wild animal cruelty-free advertising, we urge all companies involved in the advertising, communication and marketing sector to commit to not use wild animals in their productions in any way that may harm them. Help them by signing our Pledge and you will join those companies committed towards a more respectful industry and become an example for others. Agencies and professionals, you have the chance to build up a more respectful industry. For any questions regarding the pledge, please check the FAQs


We pledge to:

  • Develop our work within the audiovisual industry treating animals in the most ethical and respectful way.
  • Not use wild animals in any advertising or audiovisual production.
  • Concienciar y difundir, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, sobre esta causa.
  • Seek the advice of FAADA in case of any doubt about possible negative effects on the animals used in a production.

If you have doubts, check our Pledge's Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with us at adnimals@faada.org

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